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The Verge is live from Computex 2013

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verge computex 2013
verge computex 2013

Writing through a daze of jetlagged insomnia, The Verge sanguinely contemplates the city outside its seventh-floor hotel room window. Taipei is a sweltering, buzzing metropolis, which, like America's New York, can be accurately accused of a chronic inability to ever sleep. As such, this tropical capital is a good embodiment for the show it hosts this week: Computex.

The Asian equivalent of CES in the United States, Computex is the main event for all the big Taiwanese brands, from Acer and Asus on the consumer-facing side to Gigabyte and MSI in the internal components arena. So keen are they to outdo each other in front of a home crowd that you'll often see these companies pushing out products like the Padfone and Taichi months in advance of their retail release.

Attracted by this competitive atmosphere, foreign companies continue to flock to Taipei's biggest tech show, eager to bask in the reflected limelight or to generate some heat of their own. Intel is traditionally a big player at Computex, and this year's launch of Haswell-based 4th-gen Core processors promises to usher in a legion of thinner, lighter, and more powerful portable computers.

We'll be covering all the new developments live from Taipei's grand exhibition halls, starting on Monday with Acer and Asus' pre-show keynotes. One final note of import: Taipei's timezone is exactly 12 hours ahead of the US east coast, so if you too find yourself unable to doze off, stick with us for some aberrantly timed news and previews.