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Apple and Warner Music reportedly sign streaming deal, bringing iRadio one step closer

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Apple iPad mini event 2012 locations
Apple iPad mini event 2012 locations

Two down, one to go: Apple has reportedly signed a deal with Warner Music for its long-rumored streaming radio music service, commonly referred to as iRadio. CNET reports that both sides reached an agreement earlier today, suggesting Apple is working overtime to have the product ready for a potential unveiling at WWDC. In its own report, The New York Times echoes that timeframe.

The company has already signed another massive label in Universal Music but Sony remains a significant holdout at this time. Still, Apple is making progress, with CNET also reporting today's pact factors in Warner's publishing arm Warner Chappell. Getting publishers on board is critical if Apple hopes to match (or best) Pandora with its own radio service.

WWDC kicks off June 10th and Apple has already promised to showcase upcoming releases of iOS and OS X at the developer conference. Should everything come together in time for the keynote, iRadio could be another major focus of the company's presentation.