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John Hodgman's 'Ragnarok' now streaming exclusively on Netflix

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John Hodgman Ragnarok screenshot
John Hodgman Ragnarok screenshot

Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, and Aziz Ansari have all taken comedy specials straight to the web. Now John Hodgman is blazing a similar, but somewhat different path. His latest standup special straight, Ragnarok, is available online, exclusively from Netflix. In the hour-long film — which began streaming today — Hodgman takes the stage at Brooklyn's Bell House barefoot, with a pair of aviators on, and sporting a mustache that would make Magnum P.I. proud.

"How TV, film and comedy should and is going to be enjoyed"

Hodgman's new comedy special is a part of the Netflix's push to produce more original programing — such as the new season of Arrested Development, House of Cards, and Lilyhammer. The streaming service also recently signed an exclusive deal with DreamWorks to get more than 300 hours of original animated content into its offerings. In a blog post, Hodgman said, "This is how TV, film, and comedy should and is going to be enjoyed: smart people curating great content in an ad-free environment; artists cultivating their own audiences directly; and those audiences finding and enjoying the precise work they want on a schedule of their choosing." He also said the special would hit on topics such as mayonnaise, hockey instruction, and tips on raising sperm whales on your home survival compound.