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Play this: avoid the music in 'Soundodger,' an abstract arcade game

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Games like Everyday Shooter and Wave Trip have you creating music through gameplay, but Soundodger goes in the opposite direction — the goal is to avoid the music. You play as a tiny circle, and as the music starts to play little triangles will start firing in your direction like missiles in time to the beat. Avoiding them is incredibly simple: All you need to do is move the mouse cursor to get out of the way. You also have the ability to slow down time when things get particularly hectic. You can't actually lose in Soundodger — messing up will simply rewind the track briefly — but getting a 100 percent score can be a challenge, especially on some of the tougher levels.

The simple, minimalist visual style really helps you get into a distraction-free zone while playing, but the real highlight of the game is its soundtrack. Soundodger features songs from a number of notable artists, including Fez (and Fez 2) composer Disasterpiece, and both the variety and quantity is pretty impressive, especially for a completely free browser game. And after you play a song through once, you can replay it in a "zen mode" where you don't have to worry about messing up. You can check it out now at the source link below, and a downloadable version is also in the works for both Windows and Mac, presumably with a few added features and tracks.