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Logitech backpedals on Harmony sale, decides to hang on to remote brand

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harmony hub app
harmony hub app

Logitech has decided to hang on to its Harmony remote product line after announcing plans to sell it off in the wake of "unacceptable" losses from the division. CEO Bracken Darrell had promised that Logitech would take "decisive action" to address that disappointment, but apparently that meant the introduction of more remotes. The Harmony Ultimate, which was introduced back in April, is said to be performing so well that it's made Logitech change its mind. And today Logitech is trying to make the Ultimate line even more accessible by introducing a cheaper package. The hub previously sold for $349.99 with a remote, but around August it'll be made available for $99.99 without a remote, requiring users to control it with a smartphone app.