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Good deal: 5-inch Kobo Mini E-reader for $39 in US and Canada

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kobo mini good deal
kobo mini good deal

If you’re willing to forego Amazon’s Kindle bookstore, you can get a good E-reader for laughably little money. Following a huge markdown on Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch device in the UK, Kobo is slashing the price on its five-inch Kobo Mini to just $39 in the US and Canada, reports The eBook Reader Blog. The sale ends on July 18th, at which point it will likely go back to its regular price of $79.99.

The Kobo Mini is a decent enough e-reader, with an 800x600 e-ink display that’s roughly equal with current Kindles in terms of pixel density (200ppi), and at five inches and less than five ounches is one of the most portable options available. If you’re in the market, you can find the low-priced devices now at, Powells, Indigo, and elsewhere.