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Microsoft unveils Bing Boards, an experimental slideshow of images and videos in search results

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Bing Boards
Bing Boards

Microsoft continues to push the idea of Bing as a platform, with deep Windows 8.1 and Siri integration, but the company is still trying out new features within its web search results. On Thursday, Microsoft unveiled its latest experiment: Bing Boards. Essentially, it's a visual collection of images and videos presented in a slideshow with captions and context. Microsoft says they're designed to be complementary to search results, and the company is positioning them in the sidebar alongside some of the other additional Bing features.

The software maker is working with a small group of food and lifestyle bloggers to create and test the feature, noting that it may expand and evolve in time to other publishers and third parties. It's just the latest in a series of moves by Microsoft to broaden the appeal of its search engine and catch up with Google's dominance in web-based search. Bing has previously partnered with Klout to provide crowdsourced answers to queries via search. Microsoft has also attempted to alter the perception of its Bing search engine by launching a nationwide "Bing it on" TV campaign to set up comparisons between Google and Bing search results.