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Vine for Android updated with hashtags and Facebook sharing, still no front-camera support

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Vine for Android
Vine for Android

Vine for Android can now do almost much anything Vine for iOS can do. On Friday, Twitter updated its video sharing Android app adding the ability to search for posts by way of hashtags or mentions of a user name. The update also enables users to share their Vine videos to Facebook. Previously, Vine on Android only shared videos out to Twitter. One feature Vine on iOS has that the Android app lacks — front camera support.

Unlike Vine, Instagram offers front-camera video support

Aside from that, the update brings Vine on Android essentially into feature parity with its iOS counterpart. The update also comes just a day after Facebook added the ability to record and share video on Instagram, which supports front-camera video shooting. Twitter has said that front-camera video will hit Android eventually. Vine's Google Play listing also includes the usual bug fixes and minor UI tweaks that users won't even notice. But Twitter does promise speedier video capture and improved video quality — two improvements the app sorely needs.