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Withings takes on Fitbit and Jawbone with the $99.95 Pulse fitness tracker

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Withings Pulse
Withings Pulse

Back at CES, Withings revealed its Smart Activity Tracker, a competitor to the many wearable fitness-tracking devices on the market like the Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and Jawbone Up. It was supposed to launch by the end of March, but the company has just now started taking pre-orders for the device. The newly-named Withings Pulse is now on sale for $99.95, and the company says it should ship within the next 30 days. It otherwise looks nearly identical to what we saw at CES this year — much like the Fitbit line of activity tracks, the Pulse keeps tabs on your steps, distance, elevation climbed, and sleep cycles. It also lets you measure your heart rate by inserting your finger into the clip on the back — a feature that perhaps gave the tracker its new name. It automatically syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and you can see all your stats in the free iOS or Android app.

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