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Viral image host Imgur launches official Android app

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Imgur for Android
Imgur for Android

Imgur finally has an official mobile app for showcasing its deep archive of user-uploaded viral photos. After a few months of beta testing, the company's free Android app is now officially available from Google Play. Like the regular site — which soared to popularity as the preferred image host for many in the Reddit community — the app lets you browse photos, upload your own shots, and manage any galleries tied to your account. Digging through Imgur's vast trove of GIFs and meme photos can prove a chore, but the app can filter things down by day, month, year, or even show you the most popular images since the site's debut. Imgur's commenting and point systems are also (unsurprisingly) integrated, and the app's search tool lets your query the entire image library or dive into a specific r/subreddit.

It's rather full-featured for a version 1.0 app, but Imgur has unfortunately made one early misstep with its Android app: ads. Introduced alongside the most recent beta update, users have slammed the unwanted change, with some saying they'd prefer an ad-free premium version of Imgur or at least a less obtrusive way for ads to be displayed. If you can get past that, Imgur's mobile experience is basically what you'd expect, which isn't at all a bad thing. As for iOS, the company had initially hoped to launch on both mobile platforms simultaneously but has faced roadblocks in Apple's approval process to this point. Imgur remains hopeful its iOS offering will see release in the coming weeks.