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HP takes Android to the desktop with Slate 21 all-in-one

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hp slate 21
hp slate 21

HP is bringing Android to the desktop on a 21.5-inch all-in-one touchscreen called the Slate 21. The device is effectively a large tablet that props itself up on a built-in kickstand — it's running the latest version of Android, has a 1080p IPS display, and is powered by Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor. At $399, it's reasonably priced for a tablet of its size and power, but it comes with some tradeoffs. Unlike some similar devices running Windows 8, the Slate 21 doesn't include a built-in battery to allow users to carry it around while keeping it turned on.

Despite the obvious limitations, we've been seeing more and more of the "portable" all-in-one form factor lately. HP has already announced a counterpart with quite a bit more power, the Envy Rove 20, which runs Windows 8 and includes a Haswell processor and a battery. But while we know how Windows 8 handles on the desktop, we'll have to wait until September to see if the Slate 21 can make Android work well on a bigger screen.