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Sony continues to push indie games with dedicated PS Vita channel

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PS Vita Netflix Twitter apps
PS Vita Netflix Twitter apps

PlayStation Vita owners now have a new Indie Games channel to browse. The channel follows the launch of the indie games channel for PlayStation 3 early last month. Already home to 53 titles, it's dedicated to highlighting indie games such as the newly released Hotline Miami as well as existing titles like Thomas Was Alone and Limbo. In the coming months it'll showcase much-anticipated Vita releases including Spelunky, Luftrausers, and Hohokum.

Sony hammered home its commitment to indie developers in a blog post, saying it's "proud to support indie development" and noting that its "unrestrictive policies make it easier than ever for developers to launch games on PS Vita." It's not clear how a new channel makes it easier for developers to release games, but it certainly gives users a quick way to find indie titles. Sony also released a video to celebrate the new channel, called "Playstation Vita Hearts Devs," which exhibits some of the games already available for the system.