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Apple targets big business with new iOS 7 features

Apple targets big business with new iOS 7 features

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Apple has moved to reinforce its new iOS 7 as a competitive enterprise mobile operating system by launching a new business-focused page on its website. According to Apple, iOS 7 will deliver features that offer "more advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver a great user experience." The company identified some of the features during its WWDC keynote but is only now detailing some of its most important additions to the OS for business users.

"iOS 7 is the most significant update since the original iPhone."

Apple touts iOS 7's ability to control which apps and accounts can open documents and email attachments, doubling down on security by allowing administrators to configure apps with "Per App VPN." This means apps can automatically connect to a company's secure private network when launched. Apple has also made improvements to its App Store Volume Purchase Program and now allows users to enter their personal Apple IDs when making app purchases on a company account.

Apple provides additional details on its enterprise single sign on (SSO) features within iOS 7, asking business users to enter their user credentials once and see them used across apps. Enhancing its support for Microsoft Exchange, users can sync notes with Outlook on both their Mac or PC when iOS 7 ships in the fall. With both Samsung and BlackBerry continually adapting their operating systems to cater better to business users, Apple is hoping to convince IT departments that iOS 7 is worth adopting.