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'The Blind Assassin' by Margaret Atwood: reading schedule



July's book is The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. If you're unfamiliar with this year 2000 novel, it won the Man Booker Prize and is generally considered to be some of the author's finest work. Without giving too much away, The Blind Assassin tells the story of Iris and her sister Laura (great name!) through a series of interwoven stories, and it includes a novel within the novel, titled, interestingly, The Blind Assassin. This novel is truly a joyful reading experience that we can't wait to discuss with you.

The reading schedule is below, and you can of course join our Goodreads group here.

July 1st - 6th: Parts I through IV
July 7th - 13th: Parts V though VI
July 14th - 20th: Parts VII through X
July 21st - 31st: Parts XI through the end