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Google beefs up enterprise Android services with selective wipe features

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Consumers are still left without any remote wipe options from Google

Android doll mascot logo
Android doll mascot logo

Google has added a new Android feature that should make securely using your own phone at work a much simpler experience. Companies that work with Google Apps — a paid version of Google's online office suite that includes additional business features — will now be able to specifically remove a user's access to Apps and its associated data without wiping their entire device. Though it's a small change, it means that data can be pulled for security reasons without disabling a user's phone almost entirely.

Selective wiping is hard to come by

While using personal devices for business has become more common, selective wiping features still aren't widespread across mobile operating systems. Even BlackBerry, which included selective wiping on earlier versions of its OS, hasn't brought the feature to BB10 just yet. And even though Google is finally bringing basic wiping features to Android, it's only available to business users.

But despite not being open to everyone, it's still good to see that Google is paying attention to remote security — something it's paid far too little notice to so far. The update is being rolled out to Google Apps management tools rather than Android itself, and also includes the added ability for businesses to empty an SD card during a full wipe as well.