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Foursquare rolling out its first native tablet app on Windows 8

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Gallery Photo: Foursquare for Windows 8
Gallery Photo: Foursquare for Windows 8

Check-in service Foursquare is apparently showing off its first native tablet app today, and it's for Windows 8. The Next Web reports that at the Build conference today, Foursquare announced an app specifically designed for Windows 8 tablets. Little more is known about it, but the app fits with Microsoft's coming focus on small Windows tablets, which Steve Ballmer said yesterday would be massively scaled up in the coming months. Checking in on a full-sized Surface (or iPad) may not be the kind of experience Foursquare originally had in mind for its app, but an 8-inch device can be easily pulled out at a restaurant.

So far, Foursquare will work on all major phone platforms, and the default app will work on iPads and Android tablets. But these versions are generally scaled-up phone apps — though the company did introduce a more sophisticated option for Android tablets earlier this month. We've reached out to Foursquare for more information, and hopefully we'll be able to get a look at many more Windows 8 apps this week at Build.

Update: We've confirmed with Foursquare that a Windows 8 app made an appearance at Build, and we've gotten a quick look at it, as seen above. There's no timeline for the release, but it will apparently be "coming soon." We've had third-party Foursquare tablet apps before (like those built for the PlayBook and, as About Foursquare points out, the Sony Tablet S), but this still looks like the first time the team has previewed one it built on its own.