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Vine for Android finally adds front-camera support

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Vine for Android
Vine for Android

It should have been there from day one, but Vine for Android now finally has front-camera support. That means Android users can record six-second selfies, just as their iOS peers have been able to do since April. The company announced the overdue new feature in a tweet on Thursday, noting that it tweaked the app to operate a bit faster as well.

However, not all Android users will be able to capture a selfie on Vine. The speedier, selfie-shooting app update is only available for those using Android 4.0 and higher. The update follows last week's addition of hashtags and Facebook sharing. More importantly, it brings the Android version essentially in parity with Vine on iOS. And it takes one small advantage away from Instagram, which added the ability to shoot 15-second videos about a week ago — including front-camera support.