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Let our powers combine: Sony Pictures rumored to produce 'Captain Planet' movie

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Captain Planet
Captain Planet

A live-action adaptation of popular 1990s edutainment cartoon series Captain Planet and the Planeteers could be headed to the silver screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures is in "final negotiations" to acquire the necessary rights for the film. Mark Gordon, Don Murphy, and Susan Montford are all reportedly on board to produce the project.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers was the brainchild of cable executives Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle. The show centered around five teenagers from across the globe, each given a magic ring granting them control of an element of nature. Recruited by Gaia — the spirit of the earth — these Planeteers were tasked with raising public awareness of and battling pollution and other threats to the environment. When taking on the "eco-villains" proved too much, they could combine their powers and summon Captain Planet, a one-of-a-kind hero with a green mullet, crystal blue skin, and a yellow globe emblazoned on his chest. Unfortunately we don't yet know who will portray the earth-loving superhero, nor who will take on the role of Ma-Ti — the Planeteer saddled with the underwhelming heart ring.