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Netflix's 'Max' adds character to PS3 content recommendations

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Max Netflix
Max Netflix

Netflix has begun rolling out "Max," its new intelligent suggestion engine designed to match movie and TV shows to your current mood. The company began testing the assistant at the end of last year and will today start bringing it to all US PlayStation 3 owners. Max operates similarly to Apple's Siri but instead asks questions to better provide content suggestions, relying on Netflix's powerful recommendation algorithms to do so. For example, it may ask you to rate a selection of movies and other times it could ask you to pick between two genres — displaying new or interesting content depending on your choice.

Netflix says that once Max gets to know your preferences, it will begin to offer movie and TV show suggestions without warning. The assistant will live between the third or fourth rows of the main Netflix screen but will drop further down the listing should you decide not to use it. The company hopes to roll out its new experience in the "upcoming weeks," expanding it to other devices — including the iPad — in the future.