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'Random Access Memories Memories' remixes Daft Punk's latest into a whole new album

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Nicolas Jaar's Daftside beats Daft Punk to the remix


If you thought Daft Punk's Random Access Memories was a bit too polished, precise, and clean, then the production duo Daftside has just the cure. The group remixed and reordered the recent album into a new work that's an altogether familiar but sonically disparate experience, trading in the robot pair's sparkling clean production and guitarist Nile Rodgers' precision for warped, gritty reworkings. The album debuted for free on SoundCloud last week under the moniker Random Access Memories Memories. In a review today, Pitchfork describes how much the album's debut single has changed: "'Get Lucky' sounds positively bluesy at times, with Pharrell's vocal reduced to a drunken slur, making its central refrain sound more like a lost hope than a promise of good times ahead."

While this is the first release to Daftside's name, the new group is actually an offshoot of an existing project by Nicolas Jaar — an electronic musician known for his sparse, heavily textured productions. The duo's album was turned around so quickly that they actually managed to beat Daft Punk themselves to the task. For their part, Daft Punk have promised to remix some of their own material from RAM, the first of which — the 10-minute-long extension of "Get Lucky" that you've been dreaming of — was released earlier this week on Spotify.