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Feedly emerges as key Google Reader replacement with support from Reeder, Press, and more

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With the death of Google Reader under a month away, third-party RSS clients will soon need to find a replacement to Google's service. Feedly has been working hard to fill the void, and today it's announcing that it will integrate with the apps Reeder, Nextgen Reader, gReader, Press, and Newsify before the end of the month. To ease the transition for developers, Feedly has been turning its API into a clone of Reader's. It's also been working with those five apps' developers to make third-party integration even more robust.

That should also make it easier for apps that aren't on that list to hook into Feedly as well. Because Reader was the go-to service, it shouldn't be hard for other apps to support Feedly if it really can create a replica of Google's API. But Feedly isn't just leaving app development up to the community — it's going to be beefing up its own services as well. The company announced today that it will be creating an app for Windows Phone and Windows 8, adding search features to its own client, and making its mobile and desktop experiences faster. But even without those, Feedly is still the best overall Reader alternative available today.