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Asus announces Transformer Book Trio, runs Windows 8 and Android with two Intel CPUs

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Can one device be your desktop, laptop, and tablet?

ASUS Transformer Book Trio
ASUS Transformer Book Trio

At Computex 2013, Asus announced the Transformer Book Trio, a device it calls the "world's first three-in-one notebook, tablet, and desktop PC." The 11.6-inch Transformer Book Trio is designed to instantly switch between Windows 8 and Android (Jelly Bean), offering a dedicated desktop "for work," and basic tablet functionality "for play." The 1920 x 1080 full HD tablet can be mounted to the PC Station dock, which has a laptop-class processor, a full keyboard, a built-in battery, and additional ports. With the tablet display detached, it can be connected to an external display to operate as a desktop PC.

Two processors, two operating systems

Despite the two different operating systems, Asus says that users can synchronize data and immediately pick up where they left off when moving between the two modes. From our early tests, switching between Windows 8 and Android using the dedicated hardware key is fast, although the device itself is a touch on the heavy side. The Transformer Book Trio is powered by dual Intel processors, including a Core i7 Haswell CPU in the PC Station dock and "the highest-performance, yet power-efficient" 2.0GHz Atom chip inside the tablet. Asus says the Transformer Book Trio will offer up to 15 hours battery life and a 750GB hard drive (when connected to the dock), while the tablet includes a 64GB SSD. The company has yet to announce pricing or availability.