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This man wants to replace your body with a holographic avatar

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Dmitry Itskov & Dalai Lama
Dmitry Itskov & Dalai Lama

The 2045 project is as ambitious as it is insane: in just a few decades Russian media mogul Dmitry Itskov wants to replace our physical bodies with avatars fully loaded with our thoughts and memories. It sounds like something out of the brain of James Cameron, and a recent profile in the New York Times reveals a bit more about the man behind the project, one who certainly has a utopic vision. "We need to show that we're actually here to save lives," Itskov says. "To help the disabled, to cure diseases, to create technology that will allow us in the future to answer some existential questions. Like what is the brain, what is life, what is consciousness and, finally, what is the universe?" Check out the Times profile for the complete story, and if Itskov's ideas intrigue you, you can learn more at the 2045 Initiative.