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HTC One coming to Verizon this summer

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HTC One Stock
HTC One Stock

Following months of speculation, Verizon has announced today that it'll be launching its own version of HTC's vaunted One in the coming months. For HTC, the announcement carries special weight: Verizon's support means that the One will be available from all four US national carriers, matching the level of support that Samsung has received for the Galaxy S4. Presumably, the One would replace the Droid DNA launched late last year.

Beyond that, though, little is known. It appears that Verizon may refrain from slapping its ubiquitous Droid branding on the One, but we don't have pricing, a release date, or information on any design tweaks, software changes, or special colors that the nation's largest carrier might be looking to apply (a black phone with red accents would be an interesting Verizon-specific treatment). We also don't know what (if any) affect Google's recent announcement of a stock One might have — but for now, that product remains an AT&T / T-Mobile special for American buyers.