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Refreshed MacBook models rumored for WWDC next week

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Apple Retina MacBook Pro 15 STOCK
Apple Retina MacBook Pro 15 STOCK

Laptops sporting Intel's latest processors, Haswell, have been popping up everywhere over the past few days, and now it looks like Apple may be ready to get in on the action. 9to5Mac is reporting that either the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro with Retina display — if not both machines — are likely to see a refresh as early as WWDC next week. Retailers are reportedly seeing a significant shortage of both laptops, and 9to5Mac has seen what appears to be SKU codes for the updated models. Given that Haswell's official launch is tomorrow, the timing certainly seems about right.

WWDC is set to begin in exactly one week, on June 10th, when Apple will be detailing a Jony Ive-led refresh of the design within iOS. Apple has also said that it will be showcasing developments in OS X. Though no major hardware announcements are expected, we may well be seeing updated versions to the company's existing products.