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Redesigned Gmail for Android begins rolling out to users

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Gmail Android
Gmail Android

After previewing the redesigned Gmail experience last week, Google is today beginning to roll out its latest version to Android users. Once you've received the update, Gmail for mobile will automatically filter your inbox into new sections or "tabs" that separate messages according to their source; messages from social networks, promotional offers, and updates / bills / receipts each get their own tab in addition to your primary inbox. Additionally, Gmail's navigation scheme has been updated and now features a left-side navigation pane where your tabs are collected. And yes, Google has finally brought pull-to-refresh Gmail for Android. Those of you overwhelmed by your inbox count will also appreciate that Gmail now tells you how many emails are actually new, as opposed to unread emails you simply haven't opened yet. If you're not seeing the update just yet, give it some time; Google has said it plans to roll out the new design over the course of several weeks.