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Vudu In Home Disc-to-Digital enters public beta, makes building an UltraViolet library easier

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Walmart Disc to Digital
Walmart Disc to Digital

Starting today, Vudu users can convert their DVDs and Blu-rays to UltraViolet digital copies without leaving home. Walmart first announced that it would be giving customers this option at CES and has been conducting a private beta of the service in the months since. Today, that beta extends to all willing public participants. The process remains identical; Windows (and now Mac) users first need to download the Vudu To Go application, which scans and identifies DVDs and Blu-rays using data from GraceNote. From there, you choose the quality level of the resulting UltraViolet copy. A high-definition digital copy of a DVD runs $5, with SD versions running $2. (HD copies sourced from Blu-rays cost only $2.)

Is it enough to help UltraViolet find mainstream success?

To give the service a bit of a kick, Vudu is offering one free $2 conversion to all customers and will cut your total in half when you scan 10 or more discs in the same order. In-home disc-to-digital is undoubtedly easier than driving out to your local Walmart to achieve the same end result. Still, it's by no means a cure-all for the challenges UltraViolet continues to face as the cloud-based system desperately struggles to find momentum with consumers. The code redemption / account registration process remains far too convoluted for one, and there's still no easy way of transferring content between various devices without re-downloading — or streaming from the web. But if you're an early supporter of UltraViolet, building your library just got a bit easier.