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Toshiba kicks off back-to-school season with refreshes across its entire laptop lineup

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Toshiba Satellite
Toshiba Satellite

'Tis the season for back-to-school product refreshes, and Toshiba's just announced what it'll be hawking to students and their parents this fall. The company's upgraded six of its laptop lines — from the low-end Satellite L series to the gaming-powerhouse Qosmio — with better specs and improved performance, plus a much-improved design sense across the board. Toshiba's worked to give its laptops a more coherent identity, like some other companies we've seen — it's adopting the "u" shape that we saw on the Kirabook, and bringing the same color scheme to many of its models. It's also updating most of its laptops to Intel's latest Haswell processors, and upgrading to higher-resolution screens.

The various Satellite Series (L, C, S, and P) make up most of Toshiba's laptop lineup, and all see similar upgrades this year. Most can be configured with Nvidia graphics, 1080p displays, Harman Kardon speakers, and Toshiba's cool Sleep & Charge and Sleep & Music functionality. Save for the lowest-end models, the new Satellites have new aluminum frames up to 25 percent thinner than the last generation – a couple of models come impressively close to meeting Intel's ultrabook requirement. They look surprisingly good for such inexpensive laptops, which is perhaps a sign of how far we've come — it's remarkable how much more $400 buys than it did even a year or two ago.

The Qosmio X75 gaming behemoth and the PX35t all-in-one were both upgraded as well, mostly on the spec sheet. Both come with 1080p screens standard, upgraded speakers, and new processors. They have the same u-shaped "Skyline" design as well, and crammed into a single hotel room Toshiba's lineup of TVs, tablets, and laptops do look pretty good together.

Toshiba's whole lineup is coming later this month, along with what's sure to be a slew of other laptops from other manufacturers. 'Tis the season, after all.