In 1989, we saw the release of The Wizard, a road trip movie about video games starring child actor Fred Savage. But everybody knew that it wasn't really a movie about video games or road trips — it was a movie about selling Super Mario Bros. 3 and other Nintendo products. Nearly 25 years later, we have The Internship, a buddy comedy about two old guys trying to reinvent themselves for the 21st-century economy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. But everybody knows (or will know) that it isn't really a movie about friendship or new beginnings — it's a movie about selling Google.

Not since The Wizard has a movie been so in the bag for a corporation. It’s incredibly difficult to watch The Internship as simply a movie and not as a two-hour long recruitment ad designed to congeal the vaguely warm feelings most people harbor for the company into a wet pap of "Googly" propaganda. You can watch The Internship as the classic buddy comedy it tries to be — but you shouldn't.