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Apple overhauling repairs program, will replace iPhone 5 displays in-store for $149

Apple overhauling repairs program, will replace iPhone 5 displays in-store for $149

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MacRumors and other sites are reporting that Apple is now replacing broken iPhone 5 displays in-store. Previously, Apple would take the broken phone from the customer and send it off for repair and redistribution, while the customer went home with a refurbished replacement. If the customer was out of their complimentary warranty period and didn't have AppleCare+, the exchange would set them back $229. According to MacRumors, Apple Insider, and a number of iPhone repair sites, the on-site repair will cost $149.

The move to shift iPhone 5 display repairs in-store is the first in a sweeping set of changes to how Apple deals with faults in its devices. The company reportedly plans to offer in-store repairs for camera, sleep / wake button, and logic board issues in July. Apple already offers home button, receiver, and battery replacement in-store, so the expanded options should mean that the majority of customers will see their devices fixed rather than replaced.

One subscription could cover all your devices

A final expected change could come to the way AppleCare itself works. Presently, new Macs, iPhones, iPads and other Apple hardware can be covered by AppleCare warranties on a device-by-device basis. Apple Insider reports that Apple is either shifting to or adding subscription plans that would tie AppleCare to customers, rather than individual devices. The change would mean that all customers with multiple Apple devices would be covered, and see additional purchases covered, by a single plan.