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Bose brings noise cancellation to earbuds with $299.99 QuietComfort 20s, coming this summer

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Bose logo
Bose logo

Bose may not be the preferred choice of "serious" audiophiles, but when it comes to noise cancellation, few competitors can match the company's proprietary QuietComfort technology. Today Bose is bringing that distraction-free experience to a smaller form factor with the launch of its QuietComfort 20 in-ear buds. Set to launch this summer for $299.99, the QuietComfort 20s have been designed to be a companion for your smartphone. Bose will make two models available, one tailored for Android music controls and the other for iOS.

Noise cancellation, now more portable

The earbuds utilize two microphones to actively cancel out whatever noise is surrounding listeners, and like Bose's full-size QuietComfort headphones, these should be able to provide you with peace and quiet in nearly any environment. The powerful noise cancellation comes with one con, however. You'll have to deal with a rather unwieldy "control stick" between the earbuds and your media player. The QuietComfort 20s are also a bit larger than other earbuds on the market. Silicone flanges help maintain a tight seal — another important aspect of silencing your surroundings.

Along with the in-ears, Bose is also rolling out its own entrant in the growing Bluetooth speaker market. Dubbed the SoundLink Mini and weighing in at only 1.5 pounds, the speaker features a monochrome aluminum design. Bose does plan to sell colored covers to further personalize your SoundLink Mini. As you'd imagine, bass performance is a focus here, though we'll need some firsthand listening time to see how it ranks against the Jawbone Jambox, Beats Pill, and other competition. The SoundLink Mini will be available for pre-order today priced at $199.99. Both the QuietComfort 20s and the SoundLink Mini will ship this summer.