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The Verge Mobile Show 049 - June 4th 2013

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Verge Mobile Show Standing May 2013
Verge Mobile Show Standing May 2013

A full week has passed since the last time The Verge Mobile Show was recorded, which means it's high time we had another episode. A few things have happened in that time span: some email apps have launched, new phones have been teased, and CEOs have more or less been doing their thing. Join us at 4:30PM ET / 21:30 BST as we dissect it all. You can watch the show in this post right here — we should have the video player embedded a few minutes before show time. See you then!


  • The Moto X phone will be made in the US and is coming this summer, says Motorola (update)
  • HTC One with stock Android announced, launching June 26th for $599 in the US (update)
  • HTC One coming to Verizon this summer
  • Apple CEO hints that iOS could open up to more third-party customization
  • Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 mini with 4.3-inch display
  • Twitter announces Vine for Android, available today
  • Google Calendar for Android updated with new appointment interface, custom colors, and more
  • Asus announces 6-inch 1080p FonePad Note
  • White Nexus 4 now available in US