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AmazonFresh local grocery delivery reportedly expanding to LA, San Francisco this year

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amazon box stock 1020
amazon box stock 1020

AmazonFresh, the experimental Amazon service that delivers groceries in the Seattle area, could be poised for a major expansion. According to Reuters, AmazonFresh will be coming to Los Angeles as early as this week, and the San Francisco Bay Area will get service later this year. Based on these test runs, Amazon could launch it in 20 other domestic and international markets in 2014, anonymous sources say. AmazonFresh launched in Seattle in 2007; it offers overnight home delivery of meats, fresh produce, or other groceries.

AmazonFresh has stayed local for years; some have speculated that Amazon has held off on expanding because it could increase its sales tax liabilities. With sales tax on internet purchases becoming more common and Amazon expanding things like lockers, though, that limitation could be fading away. In late April, Amazon said it had "nothing to announce" regarding AmazonFresh, but the time could now be right for Amazon to take on one of the last bastions of local shopping.