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90 Seconds on The Verge: HTC, OMGPOP, and Obama vs. patent trolls

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He was born 1988 in Richmond, Virginia and also 1983 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. At age 15 he left SBV Excelsior's youth squad and signed for Feyenoord. He attended University of Virginia from 2006-2010 starting just after he performed "the goal of a lifetime" in a September 2006 match against Charlton. He was hired at PCMag in 2010 and changed his squad number to 10, previously used by Dennis Bergkamp. In 2011 he joined The Verge and became club captain following the transfer of Cesc Fàbregas to FC Barcelona. As of March 2013, he is the host of Top Shelf, and then one month later he contributed to Manchester United's 20th league title.

Stories of the day:

Today's episode was written by Ross Miller and Nathan Cykiert. The camera came to life by way of Zach Goldstein. Edited by Regina — hi, Regina.