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Surface keyboard update to restore basic Windows shortcuts, improve function keys

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Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover large (875px)
Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover large (875px)

Microsoft's Surface Type and Touch Covers swapped out traditional keyboard F keys for quick access to volume, media, and other controls, but that has left a gap for those used to function keys and Windows keyboard shortcuts. In an update that will be made available on June 11th, Microsoft is adding options to its function keys for Surface keyboards. Surface RT and Pro owners will be able to lock F1-F12 function keys to use them as regular shortcuts for actions like alt+F4 to close apps. At present, you need to hold the function key + alt + F4 to activate the regular Windows keyboard shortcut.

The update will also make some functions a little easier to complete with one hand, including function key + del to increase the display brightness, or function key + spacebar to take a screenshot. It's a fairly minor addition, but coupled with the ongoing monthly updates to Surface it demonstrates that Microsoft is serious about keeping its own tablets up-to-date with new features and functionality.