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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active offers a more rugged, waterproof variant of Android bestseller

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galaxy s4 active official
galaxy s4 active official

Today, Samsung is announcing a new variant of its Galaxy S4 more suited to the great outdoors. The phone has a high degree of dust and water protection (IP67), allowing it to be submerged in water up to a meter (about three feet) deep for up to 30 minutes. Inside, the phone has the same 1.9GHz quad-core processor and 2,600mAh battery, nestled behind a 5-inch 1080p LCD screen, rather than the AMOLED display of its less robust cousin.


The company hasn’t been shy about cranking out different versions of its flagship phone. Just last month, Samsung announced a not-quite-Nexus edition with stock Android 4.2 software, and earlier this week launched the Galaxy S4 Mini — a 4.3-inch device with a Super Amoled display and a meager 8GB of internal storage. So far there's no word on price or availability for the newest addition to the family, but we'll update as soon as we hear anything.