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eBay brings giant touchscreens to New York City storefronts, shop from the street with one-hour delivery

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eBay is launching "Shoppable Windows" that will let people buy products and have them delivered within an hour, according to Retuers. The windows are actually giant interactive touchscreens measuring around 9 feet by 2 feet, and will be installed in the street-facing windows of a number of New York City stores this month.

The first screens will sell items from fashion brand Kate Spade Saturday, and the company is currently working on putting the screens into Juicy Couture store. eBay originally demoed the concept in New York back in 2011, but the pilot screen wasn't able to take orders. Orders placed on the new screens will, unsurprisingly, be handled by eBay's online payments system PayPal.

eBay is serious about making it on Main Street

Once solely an online auctions company, eBay has been expanding its efforts to act as a middleman between customers and retailers. Last year it launched eBay Now, which saw it partner with local companies to offer same-day delivery. It's also attracted big-name retailers like Target to its marketplace, as well as partnering with Macy's for mobile payments. There's no demo of the new Shoppable Windows available yet, but they should start popping up around New York's Lower East Side and Soho starting this weekend.