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Is this Nokia's 41-megapixel 'EOS' Windows Phone?

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Nokia EOS rumor
Nokia EOS rumor

Nokia is preparing a Windows Phone version of its 808 PureView, and early prototypes of the device appear to have made their way into the wild. Designed as Nokia's next major flagship with a 41-megapixel camera, and codenamed EOS, a device that appears to resemble a Lumia with a large camera sensor has appeared at Chinese site WPDang. The pictures show the rear shell housing of a potential Lumia, with a yellow design and what looks like Nokia's typical polycarbonate body.

It's hard to say whether the photos are genuine, but leaked photos of Nokia's Lumia 925 emerged in similar circumstances ahead of its launch. The rear of the alleged EOS includes what looks like inserts for an attachable wireless charging-enabled cover. Nokia recently launched its Lumia 925 with an aluminum body, but the company also teased "a great summer of announcements." The Verge understands Nokia's upcoming EOS Lumia will arrive on AT&T and sources have revealed the company will likely hold a launch event in July.


Update: A new image of the supposed device has surfaced on Twitter. While it matches up with the leaks from early today, the account that posted the image is brand new, so it's worth taking with a grain of salt. According to the image, the device will include PureView branding, a Carl Zeiss lens, and what appears to be a xenon flash.