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AMD will develop chips for Android and Chrome OS, but only if someone asks first

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AMD chips could make their way into tablets and laptops running Android and Chrome OS. According to PCWorld, AMD is willing to alter the design of its chips — which are currently tailored to run Windows 8 machines — and optimize them for other operating systems. However, it won't be immediately going ahead with the plan. Instead, AMD appears to be interested in working with its partners on specific projects, rather than developing chips for broader availability.

Though AMD's processors are making their way into both Microsoft and Sony's next-generation video game consoles, the company's chips have largely been stuck inside of Windows machines. It's been an intentional strategy of AMD's to focus heavily on Windows, but it looks like the company's waning market position may have dictated otherwise. "We are very committed to Windows 8 … but we also see a market for Android and Chrome developing as well," Lisa Su, a senior vice president at AMD, told PCWorld.