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Amazon brings back long dormant Kindle DX, says it's 'excited' to do so

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Months after being apparently retired from Amazon's e-reader line, the 9.7-inch Kindle DX is back in stock. Amazon has brought back the DX for $299, reflecting the price drop that was implemented late last year. The Kindle DX was apparently discontinued back in October of 2012, shortly after Amazon announced the backlit Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and a new line of Kindle Fire tablets. At the time, Amazon's vice president Jay Marine said while the company would not abandon the Kindle DX, it was "pretty much done with it." Its original textbook market had been co-opted by 10-inch tablets, and the company was also dropping its Kindle Touch models as it updated the product line.

Now, Amazon has confirmed the e-reader's return with the following statement: "Kindle DX is again available on Our website lists the most up to date availability for all products. We're excited to offer customers this option." The Digital Reader first reported the Kindle DX's return in late May, noting that it could be temporary; Amazon did not comment on the e-reader's future. While the DX is back for now, Amazon also appears to have finally stopped selling the Kindle Keyboard; it hasn't been available on the store since late May except from third-party sellers.

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