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Evernote adds to-do lists to Android app with 'Reminders' update

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Evernote Android update
Evernote Android update

After launching Reminders on iOS two weeks ago, Evernote is bringing to-do list functionality to its Android app in an update today. The company tells us the Android app has "100 percent parity" with its iOS counterpart, which allows you to add due dates to notes, pin them to the top of your notes list, and have Evernote send you notifications or emails when they're due. You can create reminders on iOS, Android, Mac, or on the web, and they'll sync across your Evernote clients, but the notifications will only work in the iOS, Mac, and Android apps for now.

Reminders is a logical update to Evernote's feature set, but for those of you already using to-do apps like Wunderlist and Any.Do, it might not do enough to win you over. Just as we saw in the iOS version, there's no way to set recurring reminders in the app. If you're the kind of person that sets reminders to pay your bills every month, you should probably hold off on switching to Evernote until the company sees fit to add that functionality to its app.