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Samsung Galaxy S4 update addresses storage complaints with move to SD card feature

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Samsung Galaxy S4 in hand (875px)
Samsung Galaxy S4 in hand (875px)

Samsung has begun rolling out a software update for its Galaxy S4 that adresses a few issues early adopters have been complaining about. The 16GB variant of the Galaxy S4 has been slammed for only giving users 9.15GB of user accessible memory, and Samsung has (as promised) addressed that issue by allowing users to move apps to a microSD card. It's also managed to free up 80MB of memory, bringing the total accessible storage count up to 9.23GB.

According to SamMobile, the update also brings a number of bug fixes, a "semi-transparent" notification bar, and a new toggle that lets you turn Smart Pause, a feature that pauses videos when you look away, on and off easily. The update is rolling out to German Snapdragon-powered S4s from today,and will also be coming to Exynos versions in the future. Users in the US, UK, and other countries will likely have to wait for the update to be approved and pushed out by their carrier, which can take several months.