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Time Warner Cable enables out-of-home streaming on Mac and PC

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Time Warner Cable TWC TV app
Time Warner Cable TWC TV app

Time Warner Cable customers can now stream select live and on-demand content from outside of their homes, right within their desktop browser of choice. While TWC already allowed in-home streaming on the desktop, it's now opening up a subset of that material for wider access. Out of the home, TWC customers can stream 11 channels live and access on-demand content from 26 different networks — but in home, those options drastically expand to 300 live channels and 4,000 on-demand providers.

That puts the features of TWC's desktop streaming on par with its mobile apps, an update that the company promised was coming down the pipeline back in April. While it's a customer-friendly move toward convenience, TWC's streaming offerings aren't uncommon among cable providers these days. However, this recent streaming expansion has certainly put the company in better shape than it was a few months ago, when it was stuck playing catchup to networks that already offered similar online service, such as Cablevision and Comcast.