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Amazon's new Indie Games Store gives developers a new way to reach the masses

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Amazon box (STOCK)
Amazon box (STOCK)

Independent game developers looking to get their work noticed now have a new, powerful ally — Amazon just announced its Indie Games Store, a dedicated storefront to help developers promote PC, Mac, and browser-based games. The page itself looks like your average Amazon content-specific hub, but the company says it'll offer developers a number of programs to help get their products out to a wider audience. For example, there's an indie spotlight page that will feature interviews, Q&A, and bios of different developers each week. Of course, Amazon is pushing its new store with a number of deals — for starters, the company is taking a page from the Humble Bundle playbook by offering some bundles of its own. Amazon's Indie Bundles feature five, six, or 10 games for $9.99, significantly less than the combined price of purchasing the games on their own.

Those aren't the only deals Amazon is offering, as the company has put over 200 individual games on sale to celebrate the store's opening. Furthermore, if you make a purchase you'll be eligible to get three pre-selected titles for free; Amazon says that selection will change every day during the promo. So far, it seems like there are a number of good deals to be had — Fit and Hotline Miami are only $5, for starters. If you've followed the rise of independent gaming, many of these titles will be familiar to you already, but Amazon's new program might help these games find a whole new audience.