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Alleged North Korean streaming TV page disappears from Facebook (update)

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North Korea telecast
North Korea telecast

For such a reclusive country, North Korea is getting very good at using the internet to deliver its messages of propaganda to the outside world. After embracing Twitter and Flickr (and suffering hacks across both), it's now live streaming video programming at the official Korean Central Television Facebook page. Newscasts and other content from the state-run network can be watched by pointing your browser to KCTV's Facebook page, with one important prerequisite. Before users can start streaming, they're required to "Like" Korean Central Television — a token of approval that KCTV wants to see reflected on your profile page. Going directly to the associated Ustream page gets you past this obnoxious hurdle.


You'll only be able to tune in during certain hours of the day. Broadcasts start at 17:00 KST (that's 3AM Eastern) six days a week, with programming kicking off at 09:00 KST (7PM EST) on Sundays. Unsurprisingly, South Korea has already taken steps to block access to KCTV on Facebook within its borders. "The site will be classified as being off limits because of materials that conflict with national interest," said a National Police Agency officer according to the Yonhap news agency.

Update: The alleged KCTV page has now been removed, with NK News reporting that it was likely an elaborate hoax. Facebook previously shut down fake accounts purporting to be from North Korea in 2010, although this time around it says the page's owner was behind the deletion.