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Latest Dropbox beta now lets you import your entire iPhoto library

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happy dropbox
happy dropbox

Dropbox has made photo syncing and backup a major part of its service over the last year or so, and now the backup service will get a lot more useful for those who use iPhoto. A new beta for the Dropbox desktop sync software was just released and one of the included new features is the ability to import photos straight from your iPhoto library. The software is smart enough to make folders out of your albums and events, so your photos will be just as organized in Dropbox as they are on in iPhoto. While mobile photo syncing has gotten pretty great in Dropbox, those who use Apple's default photo organization tool should find this a useful addition. That's not the only new feature on board here — Dropbox is also adding its own screenshot-sharing tool. "Screenshot to Dropbox" works with the built-in tools in Windows and OS X to automatically upload any screenshot you take. Of course, these features are only available in the beta right now, so use caution if you give this update a shot.