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'Bag Men' sue New York Post for libel, say front page photo implied they were suspects

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ny post cover
ny post cover

The two unwitting stars of the New York Post's widely criticized "Bag Men" cover are now suing the publication for libel, according to The Boston Globe. Two days after the Boston Marathon bombings, both men appeared on the Post's cover beside a large caption reading, "Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon" — but in fact, a more accurate statement would have been that Reddit users, who had picked the two out amidst an online witch hunt, were seeking the duo.

The Globe reports that both men had already spoken with the police — and subsequently been sent home — the night before their appearance on the Post's front page. Reportedly, the two men became distressed the following morning when they learned of the front page photo, and later, when they were pointed out by others in public. Full details on the the duo's reaction and why they think they have a case against the Post is detailed over at the Globe.