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Lenovo 'Miix 8' is an 8-inch Windows tablet with 3G and a stylus

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Lenovo Miix 8 (Win8china)
Lenovo Miix 8 (Win8china)

Microsoft previewed its Windows 8.1 improvements earlier this week at Computex, but the software maker also provided a sneak peek at a new Lenovo tablet. Microsoft marketing manager Leigha Anderson revealed the "Miix 8" at a special Computex event in Taipei, describing it as an 8-inch device. Microsoft wasn't forthcoming with the specifications of the device, but the company did reveal it will have 3G connectivity "and a lot of accessories like a folio and pen."

Win8China has published images of the Miix 8 and it looks like it has an aluminum back with a rear camera. The Miix 8 also has a slim form factor, and appears to be a 16:10 tablet like the Nexus 7. There's no word on pricing, availability, or which version of Windows it will run, but we've reached out to both Microsoft and Lenovo and we'll update you accordingly.

Update: Microsoft says it has "nothing more to share" about Lenovo's Miix 8.