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CC: Stand-Up app for iOS opens Comedy Central's vaults with over 6,000 videos

CC: Stand-Up app for iOS opens Comedy Central's vaults with over 6,000 videos

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The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and South Park have made Comedy Central a household name, but one of the network's fundamental goals remains giving exposure to up and coming stand-up comedians. In that vein, it's recently released CC: Stand-Up for iOS, an app that lets viewers watch countless hours of performances from emerging acts in addition to established stars like Louis CK and Daniel Tosh. Optimized for both iPhone and iPad (oddly there's not yet an Android version to speak of) the app immediately starts playing content the first time you open it — leading with a warning that some comedy may be uncensored.

CC: Stand-Up is divided into three main sections: a "Channel" portal continuously streams stand-up comedy without interruption. Moving to a "Featured" section introduces a bit more curation thanks to categories like Best One-Liners, Dark Humor, and another that gathers clips from popular podcast hosts including Chris Hardwick and Marc Maron. Comedy Central is even trying its hand at discovery. The app's "Discover" tab suggests other content that's associated with whatever you're currently watching by topic, genre, production credits, and even "random trivia" connections. The fact that Daniel Tosh follows Chelsea Peretti on Twitter was enough to link both comedians, for instance. Clicking each comedian prompts the app to offer up a new batch recommendations. CC: Stand-Up is free and available from the App Store now. We've reached out to Comedy Central regarding a potential Android release.

Update: Comedy Central has already gotten back to us and revealed that apps for both Android and Xbox are currently in development.