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Xbox One mech-shooter 'Titanfall' leaked, reveals next-gen cloud gaming details

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titanfall leak game informer
titanfall leak game informer

The July issue of Game Informer appears to have come a little early this year, and with it, news on one of the first titles known to take advantage of the Xbox One's cloud gaming features. The still unannounced title, Titanfall, will be a first-person shooter and mech-fighter that uses Microsoft's servers to process physics and AI, according to NeoGAF member Cartman86, who received an early copy of the magazine. Microsoft has yet to go into detail about what the Xbox One's cloud features are capable of — so far describing only simple graphical calculations, such as fog — but details on Titanfall suggest that it's able to handle much more immediate and important data, the kind of events that players are constantly interacting with.

New game, old engine

However, Titanfall is said to be based on Valve's Source engine, a nearly decade-old technology with good, but possibly not next-generation-quality graphics. While that should temper impressions about the intensity of what it's sending off to Microsoft's servers, some of the engine has reportedly been updated for the Xbox One, possibly making it more powerful. Titanfall has a targeted release date next spring, when it will also be released for Xbox 360 and PC, but without the cloud features only available on the new console.

Though the game isn't exclusive to the Xbox One, having it on the console could be a boon for Microsoft: the game is developed by the duo partly responsible for making Modern Warfare into a smash hit. Titanfall will be the debut game for Respawn Entertainment, which was founded by the ex-CEO and the ex-president of Infinity Ward. As print magazines like Game Informer tend to circulate one month ahead of their stated date, there's a good chance that more details about Titanfall are coming soon — next week's E3 certainly wouldn't be a bad time for an official debut.